Vjosa - Narta Protected Area

The KBA of Narta Lagoon corresponds to the Protected Landscape Vjose-Narte (IUCN category IV) which was proclaimed based on the Decision of Council of Ministers (DCM), date 22.10.2004 covering a surface of 19738 ha.

The altitude of the protected area varies from 0 to 246 m above sea level. In the north, the area is laid until the Vjosa river and the village of “Mifol”, in east the boundary line connects the villages of ‘’Mishikarta”, ’’Cecai”, and the hills of “Babice e vogel” village, in the south the boundary line connects the villages of “Narta” and “Zverneci” in the west by the Adriatic sea.

The nearest city is Vlora. The most important habitats of the Vjosë-Nartë protected area are wetlands, agricultural lands, forests, and urban zones. Wetland areas cover 37% of the surface, agricultural land about 33%, and forests only 6% of the area, the rest is occupied by urban area and other land use categories.

The Narta Lagoon is among the key Albanian territories in terms of a number of habitats of conservation concern. Many species of the lagoons’ flora are listed in the Red Data Book of Albania. Based on recent studies, the Narta Lagoon is considered to be the second most important habitat for wetland birds in Albania. Mallard (Anas platyrhyncos) and Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra) are the most abundant species, representing 47% and 35% of the national population respectively.