Training on the identification of wintering water birds


Effective Nature Conservation, demands implementation of well designed actions and policies based on solid knowledge and data. In Albania, at least along the last 25 years has always existed a considerable gap on the data availability, causing though a delayed identification of threats, non implementation of monitoring programs, and a delayed intervention. Without good quality data, no effective intervention can be undertaken, and to collect data, experts are needed. One of the fields that suffers a big lack of capacities in Albania is Bird Conservation, a group of wildlife that has been traditionally one of the most threatened in the country. Considering this, thanks to the full support of its donors and partners, PPNEA has initiated a long term program for raising the capacities of motivated young people and institutions on Bird Identification. Since 4th of December, in the National Park of Divjakë-Karavasta PPNEA is carrying out an in depth training on the identification of wintering water birds, combining theory and practice. This training is attended by motivated young people such as students, staff of environmental NGOs, and staff of GO relevant institutions. This training is enabled thanks to the “Conservation of Dalmatian Pelican” and “Land of Eagles and Castles” projects, implemented by PPNEA and its international partners. A special gratitude for this to the Bulgarian Society of Protection of Birds (BSPB) - BirdLife Bulgaria for bringing professional ornithologists as trainers and to the Regional Agency of Protected Areas – Fier for supporting with logistics and equipment.

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