The touristic values of Butrinti in the Travel Magazine Albania


Travel Magazine Albania, dedicates the autumn 2015 issue to the National Park of Butrinti, revealing particular touristic values of the area that have almost never been promoted before by tourism operators in the country. Butrinti is well-known widely at international level for its rare archaeological values and waits every year more than 140 thousand tourists along the warm season. But the archaeology is only one of the rarities of Butrinti, the other one is for sure nature. Butrinti, is one of the richest areas in Albania in terms of biodiversity, hosting rare plants, birds, mammals etc, in a series of wonderful natural landscapes and habitats. To learn more about the nature values of Butrinti and eco-tourism opportunities read the Travel Magazine Albania, autumn issue 2015. This initiative is supported by PPNEA within the frame of CEPF found project “Land of Eagles and Castles”. 

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