The importance of the caves


Along the last years, caves have been one of the most threatened and destroyed habitats in Albania. Many caves (particularly the most well-known) in the country have been subject to abuse, such as removal of stalactites for decoration purposes etc, and recently there is an increase of interest for visiting and exploring caves by tourists, an activity, which if it is not controlled and properly managed could have significant negative impacts in the habitat and wildlife of caves. Being aware on the importance of this issue, PPNEA within the CEPF founded project “Land of Eagles and Castles” has allocated a grant implemented by the local NGO “Flag Pine”, aiming to increase knowledge for the caves in Karaburun Key Biodiversity Area, and develop guidelines/strategy for long term conservation and tourism activities control on these habitats. The first phase of this grant consists on a complete assessment of caves, concerning biodiversity and archaeology. Following this phase, some caves will be selected to be open to the public, and to be part of eco-trails.


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