Know-how exchange visit of Albanian stakeholders in Burgas, Bulgaria


Within the CEPF founded project “Land of Eagles and Castles”, PPNEA and BSPB organized a know-how exchange visit to Bulgaria, in the region of Burgas along the Black Sea coast from 24th to 29th of August. In this area are found the Burgas wetlands, a part of which, such as Atanasovsko Lake and the area around are both a Natura 2000 and Ramsar site, and represent the most important bottle neck in Bulgaria for the migration of birds. Along this study visit, representatives from different interest groups in Albania, such as Ministry of Tourism, National Tourism Agency, National Park Butrint, local organizations etc, had the opportunity to “touch” in the same time successful models of sustainable development of natural resources and unsustainable ones. Albania, for years now it is under a development dynamic which has significantly harmed the natural environment, thus it stands of particular importance for us to learn from the experience of other countries in order to choose the sustainable and tested models for the development of our rich natural environment

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