Bird watching, an activity of high economic benefits


Ecotourism is considered as one of the main means to achieve sustainable development of high nature value areas and provide economic growth for the around communities. Nature based tourism includes: hiking in nature, tracking, wildlife photography, bird watching etc. It has been widely accepted that Albania has excellent potentials for development of such tourism branch, considering the diversity of habitats and the high presence of wildlife.   Bird watching is one touristic activity that is widely practiced by many people around the world. Only in United States of America are counted more than 47 million Bird Watchers, which spend more than $107 billion per year, have created 666 000 jobs, and pay to the state $13 billion taxes per year.  From these figures an idea might be created for the economic benefits of bird watching.

Albania has got great potentials for development of bird watching. Considering this, since few year now PPNEA has started to work on such direction, thanks to the precious support of our donors like CEPF, EURONATUR, MAWA, , EU etc, and our partners like BSPB, BirdLife International, KORA, SPP, Noé Conservation etc.

 This weekend, our bird watching guides were in the National Park Butrinti, and Narta Lagoon, with Kevin and Kate, two passionate bird watchers and bird watching trip organizers from United Kingdom, to ground troth the itinerary for the next coming groups of UK tourists that are coming in Albania particularly for Bird Watching. PPNEA will work to bring more and more of nature lover tourists in Albania, because there is indeed a lot to show. 

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